Monday, 19 August 2013

Blog 6

magic trick was performed by our lecturer, Miss Peggy Foo. We were fascinated and were eager how did she do it? She has a stack of big poker cards in her hands and wanted us to anticipate by spelling out the number from one to nine. When we spell out one, she flipped over no.1 and two, she too flipped over no.2 and were correct to number 9 and ten no need to count as it was the last number. We used trial and error method to get the right order of the cards, we also try various way like spelling out the number orally and then place the order of the number. and 1 is on the 4th position and two is placed on the 8th place and so on and so forth.

Easy Magic Tricks: Incredible Spelling
beside this activity, we have the paper cutting task to complete. We were shown first square with 2 fold and then cut at the right angle and then the second square with 3 fold and cut and the angle and the third piece with 4 fold and also cut at the right angle and pieces of square turn out to have different cutting. The lecturer want us to see the three square and think for the reason of the patterning and lastly want us to predict without cutting the 5 fold square. Though we were tempting to cut but we manage to predict on paper first and was excited to see the result!

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