Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Notes to Parents

What does it means to know math> Math is in every day of our life and letting the young children to know what is Math is essential to helping them aquire life skill. As they need to know numbers to tell of their house address and their own age and to put the correct numbers of candles on the birthday cake. Numbers are everywhere, be it in the school,at the bus stop and at home too. For our local mathematics context, It invloves for the young children to know the concepts of numbers and being able to apply the math skill in their real life situations.Thus playing with number should based on children's prior knowledge and we as teachers should cooperate with parents should provide opportunity for the young one to gain experience by doing and learning mathematics. What does it means to do mathematics Doing mathematics means letting the children generating strategies for solving problem and applying the methods to get a solution and checking for the correct answer. For children to problem solve, they have to think of many ways to dedrive to an answer. They also learn to express their ideas with words and pictures as well as concrete objects to clarify their problems. From the text book that I read (Elementary and middle school mathematics) mentioned that Mathematics is the science of Pattern and order Children know what is pattern from the animals that they see have pattern of them such as the giraffes and zebras have patterns on them, one with spots all over the body and the other have black and white stripes on the body. From the prior knowledge they have , they can further learn or do pattern with big and small relationship being introduce to them or sort the pattern with one or two attributes ( colour and shape). What does it mean to learn mathematics The learning styles of the children are base on Jean Piaget: Constructivism children learn by constructing and give meaning to the things they think about.Another theory by Lev Vygoysky was the Sociocultural Thoery.
the menatl processes exist between and among people in social learning setting (Forman,2003)
Importantly is how children used these strategies to learn and aquire knowledge on their own.

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